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QUAD-E Enterprises, Inc. provides technical assistance to inventors and entrepreneurs in evaluating and developing their ideas relative to patentability, design, production, and related matters. Since there are many organizations that provide a similar service it is our intent to provide this service, particularly to the small independent inventors/entrepreneurs, on a step by step basis to insure that only minimal costs to the clients will be incurred. In order to do this we do not require any long term contract and all charges and scope of work are thoroughly discussed and charges agreed to for each step. In order to improve the overall efficiency of this effort, you may wish to do a preliminary patent search on line via The US Patent Office, , prior to contacting us. In order to help protect your ideas, a draft "Confidentiality and Noncompetitive Agreement" is available for your review and comments. If you are interested in discussing your ideas further, a signed Proprietary Agreement can be readily submitted to you for your comments and/or approval.

Examples of ideas/inventions by QUAD-E Enterprises, Inc. can be seen on the Idea/Invention Page.

In addition, QUAD-E Rnterprises, Inc. provides web page design and hosting. For more information and examples of this activity please click on WEB PAGES.

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